Cognitive bias and echo chambers: the social media trap

In the era of hyper-information, which began with the development of the network and was further amplified by the use of social media, we have access to an unlimited range of news. How does our brain react to this constant flow of stimuli? To answer this complex question, we must refer to the cognitive bias’ utilization when we are overwhelmed by a flood of information, as happens, for example, with social networks. The leading role is played by the confirmation

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Behavioral economics scenarios: evolution of the paradigm of rationality or revolution of the economic science?

 The connection with psychology is intrinsic in the economy and is inseparable from it, and has been kept since the time of the classical school. Adam Smith, who has been regarded as the founder of the theory of the invisible hand in relation to the market – and even misunderstood to a certain extent – wrote an essay on the psychological principles of individual behaviour (Theory of moral sentiments, 1759.) It is with the development of neoclassical economics that economists

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